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This last week-end, I have learned GLSL, so now I should be able to create simple shaders to be used in the game.

The very first one I made is some kind of a RGB Split effect, just like on the title screen (although, the effect on the title screen is faked by using 4 sprites, the base sprite, and 3 for the R, G, and B channels). I still don't know how it will be used in the game, but it will :)

The second one is an outline shader I made to replace the old system that consisted in using a second sprite that was displayed under the weapon to make it look like it has an outline. With the old system I had to create a second version of each weapon sprite and modify it with an image editor. Now it's a lot more simple!

And finally, there's this "hologram" effect, I was inspired by what Black Mesa Source did for its HUD :

It's some sort of scanline filter, but instead of making some lines darker, it actually makes them more transparent.
Here's a test gif to show how it looks like on the player (even though I won't use it like that) :

It will be used on texts for the HUD/UI, and after testing it on bullet trails, I think it looks cool and I'm going to use it on them (the effect in the gif is a little bit too strong though).

Punch, damages, and hit knockback

I have spent the day reworking how damages are handled. In fact, since there basically was no damage system in the game, to be precise let's say I have spent the day implementing that feature.
Most of the time, weapons will just oneshot enemies, so not much will change, except for a few weapons like shotguns, which now require multiple projectiles to hit an enemy to kill him. Punch has also been nerfed, it now requires 3 punches to kill an enemy, but if you punch an enemy from his back, you can kill him instantly. The cooldown between 2 punches has also been increased.

Enemy knockback when hit by a bullet or a punch/kick, has been changed. Enemies can now break windows during that knockback.

Enemies also get pushed when killed by weapons, this will make deaths a little bit more visually rewarding. Death animations will be changed later.

First Trailer

We released our first trailer today, it pretty much shows the current state of the game. page :

Death animation and killcam

Hi everyone! In that first post on the devblog, I'll show you a few features I recently added to the game.

Death animation

Up until now, the player lacked a death animation, when you were hit by a bullet or killed by a grenade, the screen just turned red. Well now, the player uses the same death animation as the enemies, plus the game goes into slowmo mode.


When the player is about to kill the last enemy in the level, the camera scrolls to him and goes into slowmo mode to show you the kill. The player cannot die during the killcam, so you don't have to worry about enemy bullets. Also, enemy bullets disappear right after it's finished.